The staff is so friendly and knowledgable. The whole office cares about you and goes the extra mile for you. It is refreshing these days to find a doctor who really listens to you
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A great place to go. The staff is wonderful and treat you with the utmost respect and are so friendly. Dr. Olff is well knowledgable and a pleasure to see. Hubby has been going to him for a few weeks and we're very happy with the way we've been treated and the care he's received.
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Dr Olff has been absolutely fantastic in helping me get my back fixed and getting me too be able too do basic every day choirs. He provided me with a great wellness program over a short period of time that fixed my back. If you need your back fixed I recommend Blackstone Chiropractic and Dr Olff.
Mable A
I was a bit afraid of the going to the Chiropractor.  But I had already had a Doctor Diagnosis and done Physical Therapy.  My Sciatica and bulging discs were making my leg and foot hurt so bad.  I asked around and decided on Blackstone Chiropractic.  Couldn't be happier.  They are warm and friendly from the moment I stepped in the door.  There is no pressure and no one is condescending or talking down to me. I am sure they like to schedule exact appointments, but they have been great about working with me and my varied schedule.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how much better I am getting with his treatment.  Also I keep running into people I know, and I wish they would have have told me about this place sooner. Worth a visit I say...
Diane F.
About a decade ago, I came here for some help. Sounds so easy, doesn't it? Like I just hopped in the car, drove there with the windows down, basking in the sunlight as I sauntered into the office. It was more like my boyfriend eased me into the car while I screamed at him to "HELP ME BUT DON'T TOUCH ME!". Then i shuffled into the office, bent over in half, trying to tell the staff what was wrong while staring at my shoes. It took awhile, but I am a fully-erect human being again, thanks to Doc. While my stint at BC was over years ago, my husband (he stayed with me, even though I screamed at him like I had a demon inside of me) still comes here when he feels off. One of the things we greatly appreciate is that he can call the morning of and they always see him right away if he needs an adjustment. Friendly crew - check them out!
Ashley H.
Great service! Very nice staff. My father has had back problems for a while. Recently he had a flare up and his general M.D. referred him for physical therapy which didn't do much for him. After reading the reviews for Blackstone Chiropractic I brought him in. They were attentive to his needs and listened to him. Although he has arthritis and some degenerative bone and joint problems we found out he has sciatic nerve issues too and is now getting the  treatment he needs. We're happy and I would recommend them.
Florence M.